Area of Responsibilities

Our activities and services cover different areas in different levels. In order to fulfill our duties, it is our goal to be capable of offering our services to places and areas that they face difficulties and shortages. It is our responsibility to send humanitarian aid to all those areas. It can manage and solve a part of their problems and also can be a good support and bring hope back to their life.

To support caring people to easily send out their aid quickly to the Afflicted people in need all over the world.

Giving support and Help to special need people & encourage them to be productive individual in the Community.

To help Peshmarga forces and the martyrs relatives especially currently as our Peshmarga are fighting ISIS alongside 1500km. Despite all the shortages, they are fighting the terrorism instead of the world to save us all in Kurdistan and Iraq (Muslims, Christians, Turkmen, Arabs and etc.), too. We have to keep in mind the role of coalition forces as well in the war against ISIS.

T To provide social, cultural, and educational services to all different components of community in order to develop the cultural level of Kurdish individual and to raise their awareness. Another step is to build forgiveness among different people in the community to grant a bright future for the upcoming generation.

To encourage young people to develop their skills and abilities and to continue their study to be a productive person. We work to strengthen their personality and to discover children and teenagers capabilities. To fulfill this aim, we prepare courses and workshops which are delivered by experienced and professional ones from Kurdistan and abroad.

One of the principles of Zard Organization is to protect women rights by developing women capabilities and skills and to provide them with their fundamental rights and also to care about creative skilled women in order to raise human resources capabilities in the Kurdistan Region by getting benefit from the experience of other countries like( Singapore, Cost Arica and South Korea) where creative women had a distinguished role.

To take care of environment is a vital aim because environment is the place where we and our children live on. Having a healthy new generation requires a healthy, clean environment. Nowadays, (Conservation Organizations of environment) ask for protecting environment from pollution since polluted environment and destroyed natural resources can threaten the future of the human being. This is apart from the fact that a natural environment is the best natural resources and energy if they can be used in a sustainable way.

It is worth mention that to (Zard Organization) healthcare sector is of high importance as we believe having a good health can grant a healthy community. There is says Infants health depends on mothers health, it implies that if the pregnant mother has problem with her health, the baby might have a health problem as well. The healthcare program of Zard Organization can be provided through the following services( medical care, diagnosing illness and medical consultancy for the pregnant women) as well as follow up of the health condition of the elderlies. Furthermore, we provide affordable healthcare services to everybody.

Sport is highly crucial to (Zard Organization) as it can protect one from (psychological, social and health distress). We care about different kinds of sports and exercises in the community to raise awareness about their benefits, and encourage people to engage in sport activities especially among women.