Zard Goals
To help generous and caring people reach out to those in need and address immediate needs and ensure the selfreliance of the poorest people around the world.

To lend a helping hand to our fellow citizen living in social exclusion through social work based on respect and shared responsibility.

To solve peoples’ problems in mutual cooperation.

The Z.O is committed in providing inclusive social, cultural and humanitarian services to all parts of the society for the sake of improving the overall living conditions in Kurdistan. We also strive to be a global advocate for humanitarianism, ethnic- and religious tolerance, and to be part of a global community in creating a sustainable future for our next generations to come.

To encourage people who are active in voicing criticism..

To provide assistance to people with disabilities and also create job opportunities for them in order to become active members within society.

To open a dialogue with the power, in claiming to respect fundamental human rights and freedoms, and also in seeking a more open society.

To provide Support in protecting the rights of the vulnerable members of society such as the poor, elderly, woman, young and unemployed.

To strengthen the civil society so that it is able to stand as one of the pillars of good governance in newly-developing societies and countries.

To encourage young people in pursuing education so that they enhance their chance to succeed in life
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